The Ceremonia Meditation offering:

  • Independent Practice: Learn to meditate in three 90-min sessions during a 3-day course (open to individuals and groups)

  • Guided Experience: 20-min guided meditation (open to individuals, groups and events, recommended for beginners)  

  •  Scent Journey: restorative aromatherapy meditation experience (open to individuals, groups and events) 

  •  Mini Retreat : A day-long rejuvenation of mind, body and soul (open to individuals, groups and events)

  • Custom Blend: an essential oil blend made just for you

Currently teaching in the Hamptons as well as in New York City


by @jennaduffy

by @jennaduffy

A few reasons to meditate (among many others):

  1. Manage stress and anxiety

  2. Experience greater balance, happiness and well-being

3. Improve one’s energy levels and vitality

4. Gain more clarity, presence and self-awareness

5. Establish greater focus and clarity

I invite you to rediscover the sacred nature of life with me. Please fill out the contact form to inquire.